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Very special colors

The excitement and the surprise when opening the Club package is key to the experience, therefore we will only tell you this much about the yarn: Martina has selected yarn bases of great quality which are very pleasant to knit and wear. Materials will include 100% Merino wool, but also blends with cashmere and a bit of nylon for stabilty. A variety of yarn weights will also be included.

The yarn will be dyed especially for Strickmich! Club and Martinas pattern. The colorway will also be exclusive to club members for 12 months. During that period, only Club members will be able to order additional skeins in our Club Shop. The 2022 Club will deliver 425 g of yarn in total (minimum 100 g per kit) if you choose the Single Yarn option.

If you like your shawls and cowls very big, we recommend opting for “Double Yarn”: You will get twice the amount of yarn (850 g in total, minimum 200 g per kit). Martina always includes instructions on how to make the club projects bigger. Please note: The double yarn shipments must not be shared and the patterns must not be photocopied or otherwise shared or passed on.

As in 2021, we also offer the "no yarn"-option in Strickmich! Club if you prefer to knit the patterns with yarn from your stash. You will choose a suitable yarn yourself. Please be aware that we cannot offer support for your yarn choice or offer help in modifying the pattern. But as a clever knitter, we are sure you will be able to figure this out yourself.

If by any chance you do not like the yarn (it is a surprise after all), there should be many takers. We have seen many Club members wanting more of the exclusive yarn and so there is always someone to trade with. The patterns can be easily knit with a different yarn of the same type. On the other hand, some members have told us that the Club shawl made from a yarn that they would have never bought themselves is now their favorite that they wear all the time… Our color spectrum tends to be more on the cold side, we regularly feature blueish and turquoise tones and cool reds, sometimes a little green, purple, brown or a tiny bit of orange or yellow come into play. However, one shipment always features yarn from the pink-berry spectrum, as this is Martina’s favorite!



Examples of yarns from past club years



Dyers 2022




In the past club years Miss Babs, Bilum, Zauberwiese, Hedgehog Fibres, Kremke Soul Wool, Das Mondschaf, Cowgirlblues, Blacker Yarns, Dibadu, Rohrspatz & Wollmeise, welthase, Dye for Yarn, Wollkenschaf, Walk Collection, Handu, Skudderia, Buntwurm, BC Garn, Sweet Georgia and Rosy Green Wool have provided exclusively dyed yarns for Strickmich! Club. 




Examples of yarns from past club years

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