Digital Events


Our events in 2021 will only happen digitally – your health and safety is our top priority! For each of the four cast-on dates, Martina will record a cast-on video introducing the dyer, the yarn and the design. These cast-on videos will be included in every membership, as well as the little videos Martina records when a special technique is required to knit a club pattern.  

NEW: Zoom Knitting Classes for Every Club Design

You would like to meet Martina digitally and have her explain everything you need to know to successfully knit a club pattern? You would like to ask questions and start knitting with other enthusiastic knitters in a fun class held via Zoom? Join Martina's virtual classes! She will go into every detail of the pattern and make sure you feel confident making all the club designs. "I love teaching digitally! I have done so for Virtual Vogue Knitting Live a couple of times now, and it is wonderful to work with knitters from all over the world, teach them new techniques and see their success!" If you would like to participate in the classes, make sure to book them as an add-on during the sign-up process.