Martina Behm – the Designer


I knit because I love to create. I try to design my knitting patterns such that not only the finished object, but also the project itself is fun and pleasant – I love easy, mindless projects with very few purl stitches, new, innovative constructions and colorful yarn! In real life, I am a mom of two and live in a small village in the very north of Germany.

Strickmich! Club is the one project that is closest to my heart, and it has been for the past seven years: I work with the most beautiful yarns that were created especially for me and my Club members by the most gifted dyers and yarn makers of the planet, and it enables me to provide knitters with a perfect combination of yarn, color, design and pattern. A dream come true! I am especially excited about our 2021 yarns, as they are extra luxurious and soft – I can't wait to cast on the samples for the new club patterns! I am happy about every single member and am striving to make the club experience a great one for every one of them. Starting with the choice of dyers, yarn base, color, design, layout, knitting experience, packing the cute little parcels and shipping them – I do work on every single step and personally do take care that in the end, everything adds up. That's very important to me, because every kit should bring you pure knitting joy!

You can find my Knitting patterns for download in Strickmich! Shop and on Ravelry. If you would like to know more about me and my work, please check out Strickmich! Blog, and if you would like the latest news on my patterns, knitting stories and tips & tricks, please subscribe to my Newsletter


A few examples of my work – click on the pictures to find out more. Hope to see you in the Club! 

TensfieldbyMartinaBehm-16 Endless-11 HitchhikerbyMartinaBehm5


MrsWatsonbyMartinaBehm-3 MatchandMovebyMartinaBehm2